We specialise in providing the highest and most up to date level of myotherapy service.

Who We Are

Optimum Muscular Health was founded in 2019 by Teresa Marcello. She was at across roads, frustrated at the clinic she was working at because she wasn’t able to practice the way she felt was most beneficial and produce the best results for her patients. She was either going to quit the industry altogether or go out on her own and start a clinic where she was able to implement her way of practicing myotherapy. In July 2019 she opened her first clinic at the Rialto Towers in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and with the success of this clinic in 2005 went on to open her second clinic in the CBD at Meyers place.

At Optimum Muscular Health our mission is to help everyone who walks through our doors to live their best life. We all love to participate in a range of activities, travel and experience a great sense of wellbeing, therefore we know how frustrating it can be when pain, injury or work stresses impacts your general wellbeing or prevents you from participating in the activities that you love. By assisting you to MOVE better and FEEL better, we can get you back to your optimal health and wellbeing so you can enjoy life and participate in the activities that you love.

Teresa Marcello

Teresa graduated from Deakin University with a degree in Human Movement in 2000. Her interest in the field of anatomy and injury rehabilitation led her to complete her Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy from RMIT in 2003.

Over the last 16 years she has gained experience working  in private practice treating the  general public as well as with sporting athletes, having experience working with AFL teams, the Australian ballet, Victorian gymnastics team, VIS women’s hockey, Victorian junior tennis players, Ironmen, triathletes, marathon runners, cyclists, powerlifters and martial artists.

Teresa has an interest in the treatment of all injuries most of all injuries affecting the shoulder, hips and headaches.  With her background in exercise science Teresa uses her knowledge to promote injury rehabilitation post treatment through strength training.

Teresa’s other passions in life include travelling, reading and hiking. Teresa has currently travelled to over 30 countries through Europe, Africa, Central America, the Middle East, India and Asia.  The travel highlights so far being Morocco, Italy and Guatemala.

Kate Meszaros

Kate graduated from a Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Myotherapy in 2009. Since then she has furthered expanded her skillset by doing courses in Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and pre and post natal myotherapy.  Kate has worked in both private and clinical practices for many years, following her time living in Spain.

Kate has a great interest and knowledge of the structure and function of the human body and believes the correct assessment and treatment protocols can greatly improve everyday life.  She has a passion for helping people in pain and discomfort, be it an acute or chronic issue, allowing her to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. She gets great satisfaction from seeing improvement in her patients’ physical and emotional state, allowing them to live a more fulfilling life.

Kate is skilled in a wide range of treatment modalities such as dry-needling and cupping as well as manual therapies such as joint mobilisation, myofascial release and soft tissue mobilisation.  She also uses corrective stretching and exercises to educate her patients on correct posture and movement.  Kate is a trained Clinical Pilates instructor and enjoys incorporating this into her practice as she strongly believes in the power of functional movements when it comes to pain management and restoration of movement.

Kate has recently completed Part A of the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), specialising in lower back and hip disorders particularly disc pathology, SIJ disorders and sciatic pain.  MDT is a reliable and research proven process that involves identifying the ‘mechanical’ (movement and postural) cause for pain and empowering the patient to perform movements and postures that can reduce pain and restore function. Kate is also very interested in nutrition, in particular using food as medicine and has done her own study into this area.  In her spare time Kate enjoys surfing, running and doing yoga. She has a love of different cultures and experiences, travelling when she can, having been to South America, Asia and Europe.

Aristotle (Aris) Hua

Aris graduated from Latrobe University with a degree in Bachelor of Biological Science. This degree ignited his passion to pursue more knowledge in the field of exercise and anatomy, leading him to subsequently complete his Personal training, strength and conditioning certifications and an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy from RMIT.

This passion is also reflected with his own training and knowledge in the sport of American football (gridiron). Aris has been playing gridiron for 10 years, during this time he has represented Victoria and Australia.

His vast amount of knowledge and experience has led him to work with a range of sporting teams including Avondale Heights FC (EDFL) and Western Crusaders Grid iron Club (GV) and he is currently working with the North Melbourne Football Club (AFL) as part of the allied health team. His variety of experience ranges from working with powerlifters, general gym goers, martial artists, corporate weekend warriors to corporate workers with issues relating to poor posture and a sedentary work environment.

Aris believes that it is important to have a holistic and collaborative approach to training and health. Aris enjoys working collaboratively with the general population as well as athletes supporting them to become fitter, faster and stronger by the use of both injury prevention recovery and the correct exercise prescription. When Aris isn’t working as a myotherapist you can find him playing Grid Iron or training in the gym. He also loves to cook and eat, particularly Italian food and Comedies are his movie genre of choice particularly Rush Hour.