Conditions we treat

At Optimum Muscular Health we are always on the lookout for energetic, driven and growthminded myotherapists to join our elite team.

As muscles are responsible for every movement that occurs in the body, a lot of things can, anddo, go wrong when they aren’t functioning very well. Symptoms can range from the direct iepain and discomfort, to the indirect ie restrictions in range of motion.

Below are some of the common complaints that we treat:

● Headaches

● Back pain

● Neck pain

● Shoulder pain
   ○ Shoulder impingements
    ○ Subacromial bursitis
    ○ Frozen shoulder
    ○ Biceps tendonitis

● Postural related tightness
    ○ Rounded shoulders
    ○ Scoliosis
    ○ Swayback or lordosis

● Sporting injuries
    ○ Muscle, ligament and cartilage strains/ tears - ie hamy strain, rolled ankle, MCLtear
    ○ Overuse injuries - ITB syndrome, runners knee, tennis and golfer’s elbow

● Tendonitis

● General tightness
    ○ Neck
    ○ Shoulders
    ○ Hamstrings
    ○ Back
    ○ Calves
    ○ Hips

● Hip Pain

● Knee pain
    ○ Ligament strains/ tears
    ○ Patellofemoral tracking issues

● Foot pain
    ○ Plantar fasciitis
    ○ Ankle sprains