Myo (muscle) + therapy = Myotherapy

Myotherapy is the specialist treatment of muscle and soft tissue (tendons, fascia and ligaments) dysfunctions.

Dysfunctions may be pain from injuries or chronic tightness arising from sporting pursuits, recreational or occupational activities, trauma, postural or genetic conditions.

Dysfunctions to muscle and soft tissue structures may cause pain and stiffness and result in restricted movement of a joint or mobility. Headaches are an example of dysfunction of the muscles in the neck. Decreased range of motion in the shoulder and neck can be caused by the dysfunction in the muscles supporting these joints.

The goal of Myotherapy is to determine the cause of an injury or dysfunction and successfully treat the structures involved by using a range of techniques like muscle manipulation, dry needling or stretching. This will decrease pain, improve flexibility and restore functional range of motion to the muscle or joint. Corrective exercises, stretches and relevant advice will be given to help manage the dysfunction or injury long term.