About Optimum Muscular Health

Optimum Muscular Health is a boutique Myotherapy clinic located in Melbourne’s CBD. We specialise in providing the highest and most up to date level of myotherapy service. Our team of passionate myotherapists are dedicated to assisting you with decreasing pain or stiffness in muscles or around joints, increasing mobility and flexibility, improving general posture or advising you on injury prevention.

Our treatments are complemented with in house strength training that will further balance your body and prevent any recurrence of injuries. Working together with one of the highly skilled fitness coach from FITLINE a personalised strength program with a focus on core strength will be designed with recommendations by your myotherapist.

We all love to participate in a range of activities and experience a great sense of wellbeing, therefore we know how frustrating it can be when pain, injury or work stresses impacts your general wellbeing or prevents you from participating in the activities that you love. For this reason our aim is to bring you back to your optimum health and wellbeing so you can enjoy life and participate in the activities that you love.